Thank you Unionville Fair!

by Sal - keyboards and vocals

What a fantastic day! The Salometers would like to thank everyone who made the Unionville Fair possible. We were so grateful Rashi Akki for the opportunity to play at the this event and all of her hard work to make it such a great day! We also enjoyed the special musicians who opened up the show with Disney and The Sound of Music! In addition to the Fair announcers who were great musicians themselves and kept everyone going! And last but not least the fans (old and new) who came out to see us play. Thank you so much for hanging out with us for 3 hours! Your support always helps us play better, we appreciate you!

UPDATE: We were so greatful to recieve the following feedback from Rashi Akki: "We would definiely like you back next year and would like to build around you". This is a great compliment and honor. We always appreciate such positive reinforcement and would be honored to come back. We are looking forward to it! Thank you everyone!