Thank you Norwood, PA - Norwood Community Day!

by Sal - keyboards and vocals

Thank you hometown! The Salometers would like to thank everyone who made the Norwood, PA show possible! We were so grateful for the opportunity to play at the Norwood Community Day in our own hometown. A speacial thanks to Tom Blair who was running around like crazy to make the show possible. What an awesome host! And our fans who came out to see us play and braved the heat. And to the new fans and faces, thank you so much! You made it an extremely special day and continue to encourage our music immensly with all of your support. One fan in particular was 91 years old. He came up to me and said how much he enjoyed our music and that he never heard a sound like that. His son had said that he was in music for over 50 years and is a harsh critic and was not just being nice. That is exactly what makes the Salometers happen and keeps us going! You!

We are currently working on getting all of the pics and video together. You will be able to find it on our twitter amd youtube pages shortly. We were honered to be on stage with all the fine musicians from this event and look forward to hopefully being invited back next year!