Our History

How did the Salometers band start?

The Salometers was started in 2016 by the keyboard player Sal. Sal had played in a variety of cover and original bands for many years before deciding to branch out on his own. Always recording everyone else's music, he wanted the opportunity to record his own. Sal had mentioned it to the guitarist Mike who he had played with in a Springsteen revival band years prior. Mike was intrigued by the idea and decided to jump on board. Sal and Mike began working together for several weeks before meeting drummer Mark and saxaphone player Ron through Bandmix. Drummer Mark introducted bass player Mark who decided to join the group as well.

One of the reasons for the group formation was the popular tune "Walk Around Here". Covered by other musicians in the area, the original song seems to have a leg of it's own and has been enjoyed by a variety of artists and audiences. Sal is very humbled by this and is so appreciative of anyone who is willing to play or listen to his music. Now other members have also been writing exciting new tunes such as Mike's "Ode To The Night". The Salometers are so excited about this and hope everyone enjoys listening to all of their original music.